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Last Updated November 11, 2023
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FlowGPT is an exciting platform that allows users to easily create, share, and discover AI prompts. AI prompts are instructions that can be given to AI models like ChatGPT to make them generate text, translate languages, write creative content, and more.

FlowGPT brings the power of AI prompts to everyone through its user-friendly interface and engaged community. On FlowGPT, users can access a vast, growing library of prompts created by fellow users. They can also create and share their own prompts, allowing them to customize AI to their needs.

Overview of FlowGPT

FlowGPT is a pioneering community-driven platform that enables users to easily share and discover AI prompts. At its core, FlowGPT allows members to build a vast, searchable library of prompts for ChatGPT and other AI models.

The platform provides open access to prompts across a myriad of topics, contexts, and languages. Users can simply browse the existing content or create and contribute their own prompts to the library. Each shared prompt becomes part of the continually growing catalog available to all members of the community.

A key benefit offered by FlowGPT is the ability for users to unlock the full potential of AI through prompts crafted by fellow enthusiasts. The prompts transform how models like ChatGPT generate content, answer questions, translate text, and more. Members can find prompts tailored to their specific needs rather than starting from scratch.

FlowGPT focuses on cultivating a community centered around a passion for AI. The engaged userbase collaborates, provides feedback, and pushes the boundaries of what prompts can achieve. The platform empowers anyone to create and share their vision.

Usability is also a cornerstone of FlowGPT. The interface provides a smooth, intuitive prompt creation and discovery process for users of all experience levels. Members can easily build, test, discuss, and upvote prompts. The platform eliminates friction to make AI more accessible.

In summary, FlowGPT opens up AI through community-powered prompt sharing. Members can access, create, and discuss prompts in a user-friendly environment dedicated to AI enthusiasm. The platform unlocks the potential of models like ChatGPT for all users.

How FlowGPT Works

FlowGPT allows users to both browse existing prompts created by others as well as create and share their own prompts. Prompts are essentially instructions that are provided to AI models like ChatGPT in order to get them to generate certain kinds of content or provide specific information.

When a user creates a prompt on FlowGPT, they enter the instructions they want to give the AI model into a prompt creation form. For example, a prompt could provide instructions for ChatGPT to write a blog post about the benefits of daily exercise.

Once the prompt is created, the user shares it on the FlowGPT platform. Sharing a prompt adds it to FlowGPT's library of community-created prompts that all users can access. After a prompt is shared, other users can find it by browsing or searching and then use it with an AI model like ChatGPT.

When another user decides to use a shared prompt, they simply provide it as input to ChatGPT or another integrated AI model through FlowGPT's interface. The AI model then follows the instructions in the prompt to generate the requested content. In the exercise blog post example, ChatGPT would read the prompt and write a blog post accordingly.

The key steps in using FlowGPT are:

Browse existing prompts or create a new prompt by entering instructions for the AI model
Share newly created prompts to add them to the FlowGPT prompt library
Find a prompt in the FlowGPT library relevant to your needs
Use the selected prompt by providing it as input to ChatGPT or another integrated AI model
The AI model generates content, translations, answers, etc. following the guidance provided in the prompt.
This system allows users to leverage the power of AI models like ChatGPT while also benefiting from the creativity and expertise of the FlowGPT community through the sharing and discovery of prompts. The end result is an AI-powered solution custom-tailored to a user's specific needs.

Benefits of Using FlowGPT

Access to Large, Growing Library of Prompts

One of the biggest benefits of FlowGPT is access to its large and continuously expanding library of AI prompts. The platform already contains thousands of prompts created by users for a wide range of use cases. Whether you want to generate text, translate languages, write poetry, or get answers to questions, you can likely find a relevant prompt in the FlowGPT library. As more users join and share prompts, this selection will continue to grow.

Create and Share Your Own Prompts

In addition to leveraging prompts others have shared, FlowGPT allows you to easily create and share your own AI prompts. If you don't come across what you're looking for, go ahead and make it yourself! The prompt creation process is straightforward - simply enter the instructions you want to give the AI and share it with the community. This empowers users to customize prompts for their specific needs and gives back to the platform.

Engaged Community of AI Enthusiasts

The FlowGPT community is filled with passionate users eager to discuss AI capabilities and collaborate. As an open platform centered around AI prompts, FlowGPT attracts people genuinely excited about AI and its potential. Whether you're looking for feedback on a prompt or want to brainstorm new ideas, the FlowGPT community has knowledgeable users happy to engage. The vibrant community makes using AI models through FlowGPT even more rewarding.

User-Friendly Interface

FlowGPT prioritizes an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Even users new to AI can easily navigate the platform to find, create, and share prompts. Clean designs, thoughtful features, and clear documentation lower the barrier to leveraging AI through FlowGPT. The focus on usability allows users to reap the benefits of AI prompts without a steep learning curve.

Affordable and Accessible

Signing up for and using FlowGPT is completely free. All core functionality is available without any subscription fee. This makes the platform's AI capabilities highly accessible to anyone interested. Optional advanced features can be unlocked through Flux, FlowGPT's virtual tokens earned by engaging with the platform. But the free tier provides ample opportunity to benefit from AI prompts.

Powerful AI Capabilities

Most importantly, FlowGPT opens up the robust capabilities of AI models like ChatGPT. With the right prompts, users can generate written content, translate text, answer questions, and more. The creative potential is vast. FlowGPT makes it simple to harness these AI superpowers through an organized library of prompts and an engaged community. If you're seeking to exploit the possibilities of AI, FlowGPT is a powerful resource.

Getting Started with FlowGPT

Getting started with FlowGPT is easy. Begin by setting up an account and signing in.

To create an account, go to the FlowGPT website and click on the "Sign Up" button. You'll need to provide some basic information like your name, email address, and password. After creating your account, you can log in anytime to access FlowGPT.

Once logged in, you can start browsing the extensive library of AI prompts that have been shared by the FlowGPT community. The prompts are organized by categories like marketing, writing, programming, etc. Read through different prompts to get ideas for how you may want to utilize AI.

When you find a prompt you want to try, simply click the "Use this prompt" button. This will open a chat window where you can interact with the AI model using that prompt. Feel free to tweak or customize the prompts as needed.

If you want to share your own prompts, click on the "Create" tab. Here you can name your prompt, write instructions, and choose categories. Adding a clear initial prompt helps the AI understand what you want it to do. Once submitted, your prompt will be available for the community to use.

A key benefit of FlowGPT is interacting with other users who are excited about AI capabilities. Ask questions in the forums, give feedback on prompts, and share ideas. The friendly community makes learning about AI models collaborative and fun.

If you need any assistance as you get started with FlowGPT, visit the help center articles and FAQs. The support team is also available by email if you have any issues using the platform. With an intuitive interface and active community, FlowGPT makes AI accessible for everyone.

Prompt Creation Guide

Creating your own prompts on FlowGPT is easy with the help of the ShareGPT browser extension. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

Install ShareGPT Extension

First, you need to install the ShareGPT browser extension. This allows you to easily access prompts you have created in ChatGPT and import them to FlowGPT. Go to the ShareGPT website and click "Install Extension." After installing, you will be redirected to a new page in your browser.

Create Prompt in ChatGPT

Next, open ChatGPT in your browser and enter the prompt you want to create. Make sure to provide clear instructions and examples for what you want the AI to generate. Once you are happy with your prompt, click the "Share" button in ChatGPT.

Copy Share Link

After clicking share, you will be taken to a page that contains a "Page Link" for your prompt. Copy this link - you will need it for the next step. Alternatively, you can click the "Copy" icon which will automatically copy the link to your clipboard.

Paste Link in FlowGPT

Go back to FlowGPT's prompt creation page. Paste the link you copied from ShareGPT into the "ShareGPT Link" field. This will allow FlowGPT to pull your prompt from ChatGPT.

Fill Out Prompt Details

On the FlowGPT create page, fill out the name, tagline, initial prompt, and other details for your prompt. The name and tagline should summarize what your prompt does. The initial prompt gives users an introduction before they start engaging with the actual prompt content.

Select Categories

Finally, select the appropriate categories for your prompt - the task it performs, the context where it will be useful, the goal or purpose, and the language. Choosing relevant categories makes your prompt more easily discoverable by other users.

Submit Prompt

Once all the details are filled in, click the "Submit" button to share your prompt on FlowGPT! Your prompt will now be available for the community to use and build upon.

Features and Updates

FlowGPT is actively developed, with new features and updates being added regularly to improve the user experience. Some of the major updates include:

Profile Customization

Users can upload custom avatars to personalize their profiles.
Prompt creators can add cover images to their prompts to make them more visually engaging. The algorithm favors prompts with cover images.

Flux Virtual Tokens

FlowGPT introduced Flux, virtual tokens that can be used to access premium features.
Users can earn Flux by creating popular prompts, completing tasks, and participating in events.
Flux can be cashed out for real money through the platform.

Mobile Optimization

FlowGPT revamped the interface to be fully mobile responsive for better experience on phones and tablets.

Content Moderation

Stricter moderation policies were implemented to remove illegal or dangerous content like threats, sexual material with minors, and self-harm instructions.
This moderation aims to keep FlowGPT usable long-term within content guidelines.
These updates demonstrate FlowGPT's commitment to improving platform capabilities and user experience. The developments highlight how the platform is actively evolving to serve the needs of its growing community.


FlowGPT is a powerful platform that makes it easy for anyone to unlock the full potential of AI. By providing a large library of community-created prompts, along with the ability to make your own, FlowGPT grants access to AI capabilities like text generation, translation, and Q&A.

The key benefits of using FlowGPT include accessing over 15,000 prompts across multiple categories, creating prompts tailored to your needs, joining an engaged community to collaborate, and using the platform entirely for free.

Getting started with FlowGPT is quick and easy - simply create an account, browse existing prompts or build your own, and start conversing with the AI. Even those new to it will find the interface easy to navigate, thanks to its user-friendly design.

With new features and updates released frequently, FlowGPT is under active development to expand its capabilities. Some recent additions include profile customization, prompt analytics, better search, and new AI models. The future looks bright for this prompt sharing platform as it continues to grow.

In summary, FlowGPT is the go-to platform for anyone looking to explore the possibilities of AI through a vast prompt library, helpful community, and intuitive interface. Both new and experienced users can benefit from FlowGPT's democratization of AI technology.

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