Oxolo: Harnessing AI to Create Impactful E-commerce Videos

Last Updated December 8, 2023
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Elevate E-Commerce with Oxolo AI
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Oxolo is an innovative AI video generation tool that is revolutionizing the way e-commerce businesses create product videos. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Oxolo can automatically generate professional-looking video ads and marketing content with just a product URL.

At its core, Oxolo is an AI-powered synthetic media platform that specializes in creating lifelike automated videos that help brands connect with consumers. With Oxolo's video editor mode, users can easily customize the AI-generated videos by adding logos, images, text, voice-overs and more.

Some of Oxolo's key capabilities include:

Creates video scripts and storyboards from product URLs using AI
Selects suitable actors, music and visuals to humanize products
Allows customization of videos in a user-friendly editor
Can generate a first video draft in minutes without any filming
Optimized to drive website traffic, engagement and sales

What is Oxolo?

Founded in 2020 in Hamburg, Germany, Oxolo is an ambitious startup building a next-generation AI video generation tool focused on revolutionizing content creation and online marketing for e-commerce businesses.

With a core team of AI and machine learning experts, oxolo has developed proprietary synthetic media technology that automates the video production process. The platform uses neural networks and deep learning to analyze product data and automatically generate video scripts, visuals and other assets.

In just over 2 years, oxolo has grown to an 11-50 employee company specializing in artificial intelligence solutions optimized for e-commerce video ads. By creating lifelike automated videos with a human face, Oxolo helps online businesses of all sizes improve storytelling, drive more sales and scale their production.

How Oxolo's AI Video Technology Works

Oxolo utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to streamline and automate the video creation process. When a user provides a product URL or text brief, Oxolo's technology analyzes the input to understand the key details, features, and messaging around the product.

Based on this analysis, Oxolo automatically generates an initial video script draft highlighting the product's key selling points and benefits. Its AI then selects suitable actors, voice talents, background music, and visual assets that fit the video narrative from its extensive media library.

The system is designed to choose humanized elements that establish an emotional connection between viewers and the product or brand. This helps drive engagement and interest.

Oxolo provides an intuitive, easy-to-use studio editor for users to customize every aspect of their AI-generated video drafts. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, they can tweak the script, modify visuals, adjust audio, and add animations or effects. This gives users complete creative control to refine their videos.

Advanced machine learning algorithms also enable Oxolo's editor to provide smart recommendations and optimization suggestions to improve video impact. The entire process from input to final customized video can be completed in minutes.

Benefits of Oxolo

Oxolo delivers numerous benefits for e-commerce businesses and marketers looking to improve and scale their video strategy:

Saves Up To 80% Time Over Manual Video Production
Oxolo drastically reduces the typical video creation timeline from weeks or days down to just minutes. This allows businesses to set up and iterate on video ads rapidly.

Significantly Lowers Production Costs
The automated AI system minimizes the need for expensive filming, human editing, and post-production. This saves tons of money over traditional video making.

Humanizes Products via Emotional Storytelling
Oxolo's AI selects suitable human actors, emotions, and vocals to build an emotional connection between viewers and products, boosting engagement.

Scales Video Marketing with Minimal Human Effort
The automated platform allows mass video creation and customization without excessive manual work, enabling businesses to launch and refine a high-volume video strategy.

Proven to Boost Organic Traffic and Engagement
E-commerce stores using Oxolo have reported over 40% more organic site traffic and 80% higher engagement on product videos and ads, ultimately driving more sales.

Getting Started with Oxolo

Signing up for an Oxolo account is quick and easy. Simply visit their website and register for a free account. This grants access to all of Oxolo's AI-powered video creation modes.

To start making a video, users can either provide the URL of a product they want to showcase, or manually input details like product name, description, features etc. Oxolo's AI will analyze this information to generate an initial video draft highlighting the key details.

A highly intuitive studio editor allows customizing every element of the AI-generated video. Users can tweak the script, choose from multiple human actors, adjust background music, add brand assets like logos, and insert images or videos of their product. Advanced editing features like text overlays, color correction, and transition effects are also available.

Once finalized, the polished video can be directly downloaded in high resolution or instantly shared on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Leveraging Oxolo's AI video creation capabilities can significantly boost traffic, engagement and sales.

Pricing and Plans

Oxolo offers flexible and affordable pricing plans for users with different video production needs:

Free Plan

The free plan allows you to test Oxolo's core video creation capabilities. It provides limited access to features like templates, scenes, resolution and downloads. The free plan is ideal for new users to experience Oxolo's AI video generation.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan is priced at $49 per month and offers bulk credits for additional video generation beyond the free quota. With 300 credits monthly, the Pro plan unlocks more customization abilities. Additional actors, languages, stock videos and commercial licensing are available. The Pro plan suits small and medium businesses getting started with automated video ads.

Business Plan

For advanced users with greater video output demands, Oxolo provides a Business plan starting from $399 per month. This plan includes up to 18,000 credits to produce high volumes of videos. All premium features and customizations are enabled. The Business Plan caters to digital agencies, enterprise teams and power-users needing to scale AI video creation. Dedicated account management is also available.


Oxolo has emerged among the top AI-powered video creation platforms for e-commerce businesses looking to boost their online presence. By analyzing product data and generating customized video scripts and assets automatically, Oxolo enables users with no editing expertise to create professional-looking videos in minutes.

The benefits range from massive time and cost savings to improved website traffic, engagement and sales conversions. Oxolo's innovative video automation technology has the potential to revolutionize content marketing. With flexible pricing and simple onboarding, the time is ripe for online businesses to leverage AI and try Oxolo for their next video campaign. Sign up now to unlock the power of automated video creation.

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