This Free AI Writes You an Original Song in Minutes from Just the Lyrics

Last Updated November 25, 2023
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The Fusion of Music and Innovation
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Suno is an AI startup founded with the mission of democratizing music creation. Based in Cambridge, MA, this research-driven company has developed innovative text-to-audio models that enable anyone to turn their ideas into captivating songs.

Suno's goal is to remove the barriers that often inhibit musical creativity by making professional-quality music production accessible, regardless of musical training or resources. Their text-to-audio models act as AI collaborators that can help both novice and experienced creators bring the songs from their imagination into reality.

Suno currently offers two main models - Chirp and Bark:

Chirp - This text-to-song model allows users to simply type lyrics and receive AI-generated instrumental tracks complete with vocals. Chirp analyzes text to produce songs in a wide range of genres, tempos, and singing voices.

Bark - This text-to-speech model generates human-like speech from text, with the ability to shift between speaker styles and languages. Bark delivers text input as audio clips in accents ranging from news anchors to cartoon characters.

By combining intuitive text interfaces with the creative power of artificial intelligence, Suno has introduced breakthrough tools for music, speech, and audio creation that are as easy to use as typing a message. Their models keep rapidly improving in quality, features, and accessibility thanks to a passionate community of over 150,000 creators.

Getting Started with Chirp

Chirp is Suno's groundbreaking text-to-song model that allows anyone to turn lyrics into complete AI-generated music. With Chirp, you simply type in lyrics like a text message and within minutes receive two 30-second instrumentals complete with vocals in a variety of musical styles.

It's easy to start using Chirp on Suno's Discord server. You can either direct message their Chirp bot or go to specific text-to-song channels. Type "/chirp" and a pop-up form will appear where you can enter your lyrics. You can optionally add a genre like "[pop]" or "[country]" to nudge the AI toward a particular style. After submitting the lyrics, Chirp processes your creation and posts two audio clips in the channel.

Here are some tips for getting the best results from Chirp:

Format lyrics with line breaks - Chirp respects newlines, so put each line of lyrics on a separate line
Limit prompt length to 4-8 lines or around 30-60 seconds of singing time. Excessively long prompts may result in the AI omitting sections.
Use metatags like [Chorus] and [Verse] to indicate song structure. Adding a blank line between sections yields better results.
The ability to simply type lyrics and quickly generate professional full arrangements makes the creative process more accessible. Chirp's text interface and AI capabilities remove traditional music barriers, unleashing musical creativity.

Unleashing Your Creativity with Bark

Bark is Suno's innovative text-to-speech model that allows you to turn written text into human-like speech audio clips. With Bark, you simply type what you want to say and select or customize a speaking voice. Within seconds, your text is delivered as an audio file in the chosen style and language.

Fun Ways to Use Bark

Bark offers engaging ways to interact with text, bringing your words to life through speech. You can get AI-generated jokes, fun facts, or poems about any topic just by entering a relevant keyword. Bark will instantly reply with a short audio clip to entertain you.

You can also explore Bark's wide range of speaker presets to shift the voice style and personality. Choose from voices like news anchors, cartoon characters, robots, and more. The ability to change how your text sounds introduces creative possibilities.

Additionally, Bark supports speech generation in over 50 languages. You can effortlessly give your text an authentic multilingual flair. Bark removes language barriers, letting you create shareable audio content to connect with global audiences.

How to Use Bark on Discord

Using Bark on Suno's Discord server is very straightforward. Go to the #bark-beta channel and experiment with text commands. Type "/joke politics" or "/poem flowers" to get topic-relevant audio responses.

You can also manually select speaking voices. Use the syntax "/bark prompt: I really enjoy using Bark! voice: Jay" to make your text speak in Bark's "Jay" voice preset. Leave out the voice parameter to get a random voice matching the content.

With intuitive text commands and engaging speech options, Bark makes creating audio content simple and fun. Let your imagination run wild and see what interesting media you can produce!

Endless Possibilities with Suno AI

Suno's AI models open up endless creative possibilities that go far beyond generating individual songs. The intuitive text interfaces make it simple to create entire albums, collaborate with other musicians, share your culture through unique languages, and access more advanced features.

You can use Chirp's song continuation feature to string multiple AI-generated clips together into longer compositions. By chaining together 30-second clips, you can create full-length tracks and multi-song albums. The AI smoothly transitions between sections to produce cohesive songs of any length.

Suno also fosters an engaged community of over 150,000 creators on their Discord server. You can post your Chirp and Bark creations, provide feedback, collaborate on songs, and interact with like-minded musicians from around the world. The passionate community helps guide ongoing improvements to the AI models.

With support for over 50 languages, you can unleash your creativity by making songs that represent your cultural identity. Turn poetry from your native language into a song or use unique regional instruments that Chirp's AI will incorporate into the music. Share the beauty of rarely-heard languages through song.

While the free tier provides unlimited access to basic creation, Suno offers subscription plans that unlock additional features. Pro and Premier subscriptions provide more monthly credits for generating songs and access features like precise genre selection. Subscriptions help support Suno's groundbreaking research into ever-more-capable creative AI.

By connecting text interfaces with versatile deep-learning models, Suno has built the foundations for a future of AI-assisted music-making that augments human creativity in wondrous new ways.


Suno's text-to-audio models remove traditional barriers faced by aspiring musicians and open new creative possibilities. As detailed throughout this article, tools like Chirp and Bark make it simple for anyone to turn ideas and lyrics into complete, production-ready songs and customized speech without needing musical skills.

By providing intuitive interfaces paired with versatile AI capabilities, Suno allows creators to focus on their artistic visions rather than technical ability. You can now explore musical genres, craft albums, collaborate globally, and represent cultural identities in your compositions.

As Suno continues advancing its models through rigorous research, it is building the infrastructure for a future where AI amplifies creativity. Subscribing helps support the development of new features and integrations that will further lower the barrier to artistic expression.

With over 150,000 creators already using tools like Chirp to unlock their potential, Suno has fostered an engaged, multicultural community. You can connect with like-minded musicians and guide ongoing improvements to democratize music-making for all. Release your inner songwriter today by simply typing lyrics and letting Suno handle the rest.
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